Convenience brought by portable water quality sensor

Water quality sensor -In the vast world, all beings are inseparable from water. Water is the source of life and the basic guarantee of life. With water resources, all things have vitality. However, with the progress of society, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, and the waste and pollution of water resources have become more and more serious. The application of water quality sensors is becoming more and more important.

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Sewage monitoring – wastewater monitoring

The construction of urban sewage treatment facilities has mentioned the prominent position of urban infrastructure construction, and the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities has entered a new stage of development. However, due to many factors such as the people’s weak environmental protection awareness and the drive of interest, random discharge of sewage and non-compliant discharge of sewage, causing serious environmental pollution occur from time to time. Therefore, in terms of monitoring and supervision, an effective, practical and advanced monitoring system is provided. And the solution, the establishment of an online monitoring system for sewage treatment is extremely urgent, and it is imperative to improve water quality monitoring capabilities.

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Hydrological Monitoring-Water and Rain Conditions

The water and rain regime monitoring system is an important engineering measure for the prevention and control of mountain torrent disasters. The water and rain monitoring system integrates information collection, transmission, analysis, and early warning. It realizes the timely and accurate upload and release of early warning information, so that possible disaster-affected areas can take timely measures to minimize personnel and property losses.

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