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Professional technology and years of experience in the field of water quality detection,Optimize the water environment and pursue higher quality of water quality detection.

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We provide you with laboratory water quality analyzer, water quality online monitoring system, portable water quality detector, water level sensor, water quality sensor.

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portable water quality detector

Water quality quick tester (determinator) is mainly used in laboratories, aquariums, aquatic product breeding, rice fields, swimming pools, etc.  It is specially designed for the convenience of users to carry to the scene.  

“Our core mission is to design the most accurate, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly sensors and iot solutions”

Online water quality monitoring system

Water quality online monitoring scheme, modular function, can remote online monitoring of water environmental parameters, water quality, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, etc.; widely used in surface water,…

Water quality sensor

JXCT provides different kinds of water quality meter, portable water quality detector, multi-parameter water quality analyzer, laboratory water quality detector, water quality sensor, can monitor PH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbi……

Laboratory water quality analyzer

Laboratory water quality analyzer (laboratory water quality testing equipment), adopts sealed catalytic digestion, and then uses colorimetric method to measure, advanced cold light source, narrow band interference technology and microcompu…

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We adhere to independent research and production, in the guarantee of professional products at the same time more innovative, to meet the various needs of customers.

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The sensors we make go through many checks before they are sold

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We have a one-to-one professional manager to answer your questions

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Let's test the machine to make sure it's accurate before we send it out

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What People Say About Us

Ethan Shaw

“The customer service is very responsible and serious, the manager’s pre-sales service is very good, and he has been helping me to deal with the problems. I have received the equipment, the workmanship is very good, and the performance is also very good. My friends and I like it very much, and we will continue to buy again next time.”

“There are not understand the problem, after sale quickly to solve, the product testing, the data is very accurate, cheap.”
Maria Eve
“I have purchased two of them, which need to be used as experimental sensors. The manual is very detailed, which is my ideal product.”
Liam Bower
“I have bought equipment for many times, and this sample test is also very good. We will buy in bulk later.”

Introduction of related products

We have many water quality sensors for you to choose from, below are some of our water quality testing equipment.

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No.221 Huoju Road, Weihai, ShanDong, China

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