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Dissolved oxygen in water can be monitored with a dissolved oxygen meter


The molecular oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen. It's usually called DO and it's in milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. There are generally two sources of dissolved oxygen in water. First, when the dissolved oxygen from the water has not reached the saturation state, the oxygen in the atmosphere penetrates into the water quality. Another source is that algae and other plants in the water absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis. Therefore, the dissolved oxygen in water is very important and can be monitored with a dissolved oxygen meter.

Portable dissolved oxygen detector
Portable dissolved oxygen detector
What happens when the water lacks dissolved oxygen

The dissolved oxygen content of water can reflect the degree of water pollution. It is an important index used to measure the degree of water pollution and water self-purification ability. The cleaner the water, the more dissolved oxygen it contains. The amount of oxygen needed by living things in water depends entirely on dissolved oxygen. The decomposition of organic matter and REDOX reaction need the support of dissolved oxygen. When the dissolved oxygen in the water is consumed, it can be restored to the initial state in a short time, which can prove that the self-purification capacity of the water is strong.

When the water body is polluted by organic matter, oxygen consumption is serious, dissolved oxygen can not be replenished in time. Anaerobic bacteria in the water will quickly multiply, organic matter due to corruption and make the water black, smelly. Plants and animals in the water would be starved of oxygen and would not be able to survive. Water quality cannot be restored for a long time, indicating serious water pollution. Weak self-purification ability, or even lose self-purification ability.

Jingxun unimpeded independent research and development of portable fluorescence method dissolved oxygen instrument. The fluorescence probe is used to measure the fluorescence quenching principle. It can overcome the shortcoming of traditional and classical measurement methods that can't be measured continuously on line. On-line dissolved oxygen detector, automatic temperature compensation. It can be widely used in aquaculture, sewage treatment and environmental monitoring departments.Portable water soluble oxygen sensor is compact, convenient and easy to carry.

River water quality tester to play a big role

River water quality tester is an instrument used to measure river water quality. It can measure dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, chlorophyll, ozone, residual chlorine, nitrate nitrogen and other indicators in the water, and can give the evaluation of water quality according to the measurement results.

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