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Introduction of aquaculture water quality monitoring system


When dissolved oxygen is reduced to a certain limit (e.g., less than 4mg/L), fish or some shellfish will die. The effects on aquaculture can be divided into chronic and acute effects. The acute effects are mainly asphyxia due to hypoxia. Chronic effects mainly affect the bait intake and feed coefficient of fish and shrimp, and affect the morbidity of fish and shrimp. Affect the normal development of embryos, affect the toxicity of toxins in water. And too much oxygen can cause bubble disease. Want to do aquaculture well, stronger, but also need to have scientific aquaculture technology, professional aquaculture equipment, the combination of these two, this is the future trend of aquaculture industry. Aquaculture water quality monitoring system can be used for monitoring.

In the process of aquaculture, friends engaged in aquaculture recognized good water should have the characteristics of "fat, live, tender, cool", but with the gradual rise of the weather temperature, the increase of water aquaculture density. There are all kinds of problems in the pond. For example, common water quality problems are caused by abnormal indicators such as transparency, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and dissolved oxygen.

Aquaculture water quality monitoring system solution
Aquaculture water quality monitoring system solution
Aquaculture water quality monitoring system

Ammonia nitrogen mainly comes from excreta of aquatic organisms, fertilizer, feed decomposed by microorganisms, feces and animal and plant carcasses. High ammonia nitrogen content in water can cause acute poisoning of fish, shrimp and crabs, leading to muscle spasm, and severe suffocation. Nitrite is very toxic to fish, shrimp and crabs, mainly manifested in the damage to the liver, gill damage and black poisoning, and finally death. As the weather temperature gradually increases, the dissolved oxygen in water decreases with the increase of temperature. When the density of aquaculture is too high, the respiration of water organisms increases and oxygen consumption increases, resulting in insufficient dissolved oxygen in water. Mild hypoxia, fish and shrimp crab irritability, accelerated breathing. Severe hypoxia, a large number of fish, shrimp and crabs floating head, or even death.

Aquaculture water quality monitoring system is to use sensors to real-time monitor the underwater dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and other water environmental parameters that affect the growth of aquatic animals. Data is transmitted to the system through the informationized wireless transmission network. So that farmers can timely access to water quality data information. It can grasp the dynamic change of water quality timely and accurately. At the same time, users can access data and system management functions through mobile phones, computers and other information terminals. Real-time monitoring information, early warning information. Realize aquaculture intensive, network remote management.

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