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Water quality can be monitored by water fluoride ion sensor
User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 09 2021

The harm of excessive fluoride to human body: fluorosis can occur when fluoride content in drinking water is higher than 1ppm (1mg/L). Over 3ppm (3mg/L), the incidence was 100%. But a lack of fluoride in drinking water can reduce the tooth's ability to resist cavities. When the fluoride content of drinking water is 1ppm, both caries prevention effect, there is no formation of fluorosis teeth. The water quality fluoride ion sensor can be used for monitoring.

In addition, the occurrence of dental fluorosis is also related to local temperature, calcium and phosphorus intake and individual differences. For example, high temperature areas drink more water, and intake of fluorine is correspondingly more. The imbalance of vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium and phosphorus can increase the harm degree of fluorine. Fluoride accumulates in the body when intake exceeds 4 to 5mg per day. The main sites of accumulation are teeth and bones. The main damage is also to the teeth and bones. China stipulates that the amount of fluoride in drinking water cannot exceed 1.5mg/L.

Ion Sensor
Ion Sensor
How to monitor fluoride ions in water

Water quality fluorine ion sensor is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments, is widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water solution fluorine ion value and continuous monitoring of water temperature.

The probe is composed of glass fluoride electrode and silver chloride reference electrode. Signal stability, high precision. Wide measuring range and good alignment. Good waterproof performance, easy to use, easy to install. Board modular design, assembly configuration. Using 2.4 inch 128*64 dot matrix screen, isolated transmission output. Less interference, isolated RS485 communication. Can carry on fluorine ion measurement, water temperature measurement. Low alarm function, hysteresis, LCD backlight switch function, increase universal password function and other features.

The ion sensor can monitor ammonia nitrogen ion, cadmium ion, sodium ion, lead ion, cyanide ion, potassium ion, calcium ion, chloride ion, bromide ion, copper ion, silver sulfide ion, negative ion, nitrate ion, iodide ion in aqueous solution. , Fast response, accurate measurement, the probe is resistant to high temperature and high pressure.