Water quality monitoring solutions, real-time monitoring of water quality, used for river and lake water, drinking water, industrial wastewater, sewage monitoring.

Water Quality Monitoring System|Solution

The water quality monitoring system collects the data of on-site water temperature, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and other parameters, and transmits the parameter data to the IoT cloud platform to realize real-time monitoring of the data of various devices on the spot. The user can view in real time through the computer webpage or mobile phone app, and can freely set the upper and lower limits of the standard value of each parameter. If the data exceeds the limit, it can send a text message or WeChat alarm reminder to the relevant staff to achieve early warning and avoid unnecessary The loss can be realized remotely to be able to guard on-site equipment.

Aquaculture water quality monitoring system solution

The aquaculture water quality monitoring system uses advanced intelligent water quality sensors, wireless transmission systems, wireless communications, early warning systems, intelligent management systems, etc. to carry out all-round remote monitoring and management of water quality. A large amount of historical data can be stored and analyzed to guide production management and ensure The high yield and income of aquaculture can avoid environmental problems caused by water pollution.