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Introduction of portable dissolved oxygen meter
User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 02 2021

Jingxun unimpeded research and development design of portable dissolved oxygen meter. Using the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international detection technology design into a new intelligent handheld detector. The detector is mainly used in laboratory, aquarium, aquaculture, rice field, swimming pool and so on. Specially designed for easy carrying to site use. The instrument is divided into two parts: a sensor and an electronic unit. The sensor uses a universal coated oxygen electrode. The electronic unit uses the detection circuit designed by the digital chip of international big factory, and adds the backlight display of digital tube. Real-time display of readings, low light conditions can be clear reading.

Portable dissolved oxygen tester
Portable dissolved oxygen tester
Portable dissolved oxygen meter

Portable dissolved oxygen tester adopts a highly sensitive waterproof probe, dissolved oxygen and heating in one, and the default delivery line length is 3m (5m/10m optional). Probe is divided into polar universal probe (default), fluorescence probe (no need to change the film, no need to frequent calibration long-term maintenance, sensitive response). Hd large screen display, intuitive data display. Large viewing Angle and clear writing. The character size is moderate and can be clearly used in backlit and high-lit daytime environments. Quick view of the value, accurate data.We have experienced sales manager, intimate product guidance. We will be your reliable partner. Product support customization, factory direct sales, can better meet the different needs of different customers.

Attention should be paid to electrode calibration and measurement. Because the electrode needs to consume oxygen, it is necessary to ensure the flow of measuring water (20-30cm/s), otherwise the reading will be low. The electrode film head should be protected when using. Avoid contact with hard objects or sharp objects, such as membrane head leakage should be replaced in time. Electrolyte and zero-oxygen reagent should be kept in a dry and ventilated place at room temperature.