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Attention should be paid to groundwater quality monitoring


Monitoring of groundwater quality should be grasped at all times.Many people who live or have lived in rural areas must have seen Wells or mechanical Wells. And these two Wells, for the most part. Both provide the locals with a very clean, cool water source. However, a well or mechanical well is drilled and supported by current mechanized operations. It doesn't take a lot of effort, generally, to dig 20 or 30 meters down into the ground, and you can see groundwater. However, this situation is not 100 percent certain.

What is the level of groundwater? Or need to use professional groundwater monitoring equipment to monitor to be able to determine. But at the same time, cities are building skyscrapers or underground shopping malls and subways. But often have to dig a depth of 50 to 60 meters of foundation pit. But even at this depth, there's no sign of groundwater gushing up.

groundwater quality monitoring system
groundwater quality monitoring system
Are groundwater levels lower in cities than in rural areas?

That's certainly not the case. Groundwater quality monitoring is carried out every year. Once the groundwater level has a serious decline, the relevant departments will unite with geological experts to use groundwater quality monitoring system and other water quality monitoring equipment to monitor in time, and give remedial strategies.Within the same area, whether urban, rural or wild, groundwater levels are about the same. If the ground water in an area has dropped too much. Then groundwater in other areas will slowly come up. After all, water flows downwards.

In the city before the need to dig a large project foundation pit, it is necessary to do a good job of foundation pit enclosure. Simply put, the construction site around the first use of water stop steel sheet pile. SMW mixing pile or underground diaphragm wall and other engineering methods. Isolate the connection between the ground water within the foundation pit and the external ground water, and then use the pump to pump away the ground water within the foundation pit.

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