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Introduction of water quality monitoring equipment based on Internet of Things

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 02 2021

Water pollution is one of the green world's biggest worries. To stop pollution. Initially, we had to estimate water parameters such as PH measurements, conductivity measurements, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, etc. Because variations within these parameters indicate the presence of contaminants. Current water quality monitoring systems are manual, cumbersome and time-consuming. To extend and increase the frequency, testing equipment will be placed in the stream and create contamination detection remotely. Water quality monitoring system based on sensor. The system consists of data monitoring (observation) nodes and remote (control) stations. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things. Water quality monitoring equipment by more people and related departments concerned.

Dissolved oxygen sensor
Dissolved oxygen sensor
Water quality monitoring equipment and water quality monitoring system

The sensor unit basically consists of several sensors that identify established parameters that can prove water quality. In our project, three kinds of sensors were used: a pH sensor that detects its acidity or water base and a temperature sensor that detects water temperature. Turbidity sensors that use optical transistors to detect water turbidity levels, and dissolved oxygen sensors that sense dissolved oxygen levels. Each sensor is operated using a battery. The data detected by the sensor is then changed to an electrical signal. The data is transmitted to the microcontroller and processed by the microcontroller so that it can reach a reasonable and understandable value.

Multi-parameter water quality on-line detection instrument is a collection of a variety of monitoring parameters in one of the independent research and development of jingxun smooth water quality on-line detection instrument. The probe with high sensitivity can make accurate measurements. Strong adaptability, simple maintenance, not afraid of high temperature and high pressure threats. Long life, strong confidentiality. Can be widely used in wastewater, sewage, metallurgy, swimming pool, water works, hospital sewage and other fields of water quality monitoring. Supports parameter customization to better meet requirements.