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Water quality can be monitored by the pool water quality monitoring system

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 05 2021

There were a lot of amazing things at the Tokyo Olympics. In one case, pollution at the triathlon site caused severe discomfort during swimming. And vomited badly after the game. Later, according to the test, found that the Water in Tokyo Bay e. coli exceeded the standard… Actually, back in 2019. Tokyo Bay was suspended once because of high levels of E. coli in the water. And not just in the game. With the overall improvement of people's quality of life. Swimming is a popular aerobic activity. Especially in the hot summer, the pool is full of people. But is the water really safe? At this time you can use the pool water quality monitoring system for monitoring and management.

Swimming pool water quality monitoring solution
Swimming pool water quality monitoring solution
Swimming pool water quality monitoring system

In addition to having more reliable water purification technology, water quality online monitoring system is also essential equipment. The online monitoring system of water quality includes several water quality monitors, such as COD water quality monitor, PH water quality monitor, ammonia nitrogen water quality analyzer and so on. Together these can be used to systematically monitor multiple water quality index data. E. coli concentration is of course a very important one. After the integration and analysis of multiple water quality data by big data system, more intuitive and understandable data can be obtained. Automated water purification systems can then use these data as a basis.

For large natural bodies of water like Tokyo Bay. The way to improve water quality is to reduce the discharge of these bodies of water. In particular, strict control of toxic and harmful substances harmful to the survival of aquatic organisms. In order to give full play to the self-cleaning capacity of large natural water bodies.

The swimming pool water quality monitoring system effectively combines the water quality monitoring process and the swimming pool operation control process to achieve 24-hour continuous monitoring of water quality.The quality of swimming pool water mainly measures water temperature, turbidity, free residual chlorine, pH, urea, total bacteria, and E. coli. The following indicators must be monitored and controlled.