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How much significance does water quality monitoring have for environmental protection?

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 03 2021

Water environment is the most extensive and influential system in nature. Is extremely important in the entire earth's environment. China's rivers, rivers, lakes and oceans cover a vast area and are rich in water resources, so it is necessary to monitor the water quality of the water environment.

Water quality monitorings are to detect the types of pollutants contained in water bodies. The quantity and variation trend of various pollutants were tested, and then the water quality was evaluated. The purpose of water quality monitoring is to monitor whether the water composition is the same as the normal water quality index. The pollutants detected are mainly organic pesticides, nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metal elements and halogen elements and other chemicals. Monitoring objects include industrial wastewater, river and lake water, sea water and domestic wastewater and other water bodies.

There are many analytical methods for water quality monitorings. The classical analysis methods include gravimetric analysis method and titration analysis method. The commonly used monitoring equipment is multi-parameter water quality on-line detector, sewage COD tester, portable multi-parameter water quality rapid measuring platform, etc.

Water Quality Analyzer
Water Quality Analyzer
Significance of water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring to protect all kinds of water environment, maintain water environment water quality health. Controlling the discharge of pollutants plays an important role. From the point of view of drinking water, if the water contains too much harmful substances or viruses and bacteria. Human or animal drinking will lead to cholera, dysentery, typhoid and other diseases. If it spreads, it could be devastating. Therefore, timely monitoring of the water quality of drinking water not only plays a role in environmental protection, but also can well avoid the abnormal death of plants and animals dependent on water. For industrial water, water quality monitoring can timely control sewage indicators such as heavy metal content, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, prevent harmful substances from being discharged into rivers, lakes and seas, and play a protective role in the environment.