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Reservoir water quality can be monitored by on-line water quality monitoring equipment

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 05 2021

Reservoirs are of great value to the running of a city. Many cities have more than one reservoir. To prevent one reservoir from failing and the entire city's water supply coming to a standstill. Some cities even set up special emergency reservoirs. The reservoir is usually not used, only in very emergency situations will be used. In order to ensure the stability of urban residents and municipal water consumption.Reservoir water quality can be monitored by on-line water quality monitoring equipment and water quality monitoring system.

At the same time, many city managers have made great efforts to ensure that the water quality of reservoirs is good. Like strictly controlling the flow of people around the reservoir. No unidentified person is allowed near the reservoir. At the same time, the water quality of the reservoir shall be tested at a higher frequency. Input of manpower and material resources are not small. In some cases, reservoir managers need to get a handle on reservoir water quality as soon as possible. This requires the assistance of a reservoir water quality on-site detection technology.

PH meter
PH meter
On-line water quality monitoring equipment

And the general sense of water quality monitoring is different. Reservoir water quality on-site detection technology has higher technical requirements. On the one hand, high accuracy of detection equipment is required. After all, the water quality of the reservoir is different from that of the general water, which directly affects the health of the citizens of the whole city. So you can't be too strict. On the other hand, it is also required that the detection speed of detection equipment is fast enough to understand the water quality in time, so as to handle it in time.

At the same time, testing equipment is also required to detect more water quality data. Including but not limited to water PH detection, monitoring the water quality of ammonia nitrogen, water conductivity detection, ion water quality detection, etc., affect the quality of domestic water and municipal water there are a lot of water quality factors, a comprehensive grasp is necessary, only live and to meet the various conditions of the reservoir water quality detection technology, to meet the requirements of the reservoir management So that people in the area covered by the reservoir can have a safe and reliable water supply.