Swimming pool water quality monitoring solution


The swimming pool water quality monitoring system effectively combines the water quality monitoring process and the swimming pool operation control process to achieve 24-hour continuous monitoring of water quality.

Monitoring parameters:

The quality of swimming pool water mainly measures water temperature, turbidity, free residual chlorine, pH, urea, total bacteria, and E. coli. The following indicators must be monitored and controlled.
(1) Water temperature Low or high water temperature in the swimming pool will make the human body feel uncomfortable. It is very necessary to maintain a stable water temperature, generally between 22°C and 26°C.
(2) PH value It affects the comfort of swimmers and the clarity of water. According to relevant data, the PH value is between 6.5 and 8.5, and the human body feels more comfortable. If the PH value is too high or too low, it will irritate the skin.
(3) Residual chlorine The standard content of residual chlorine is an indicator that reflects the remaining disinfectant after the pool water has been disinfected with chlorine-containing disinfectants. If the residual chlorine concentration is too low, the disinfection effect will not be achieved. If it is too high, it will cause irritation to swimmers' skin, respiratory tract and internal organs. Generally speaking, the situation of high residual chlorine is relatively rare.
(4) Turbidity The turbidity index of swimming pool water quality is not more than 5 degrees, the clearer the water quality, the lower the turbidity. The turbidity exceeding the standard is mainly caused by inadequate automatic water circulation, failure to replenish new water in time, and leakage of disinfectant, coagulant, etc.


01 Swimming pool water quality monitoring: real-time monitoring of more than ten water quality parameters such as residual chlorine, pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, flow, and temperature.
02 Real-time alarm function: real-time monitoring of various water quality parameters, in the case of abnormal water quality parameters, the first time alarm and remind the supervisor to take measures.
03 Real-time display on the large monitor screen: The large LCD screen can be customized to display the environmental parameters of the swimming pool in real time.
04 Online data analysis and historical data query.

Technical Parameters:
Measurement parametersMeasurement methodsMeasuring rangeMeasurement accuracy
Water temperatureResistance method(-20-80)° C0.15° C
pHElectrode method0-140.1
ORPElectrode method(-1999-1999)mV20mV
ConductivityElectrode method(10-100000)μS/cm±1%
salinityCalculated from conductivity and temperature(0-70)PSS±1%
Dissolved oxygenFluorescence(0-50)mg/L±0.3mg/L
Turbidity90° scattering method(0-3000)NTU±3%
Chlorophyll aFluorescence((0-100)ug/L±5%
Blue-green algaeFluorescence(100-20,000)ce11s/mL±5%
Oil in waterFluorescence(0-1500)ppb±5%