Aquaculture water quality monitoring system solution


The aquaculture water quality monitoring system uses advanced intelligent water quality sensors, wireless transmission systems, wireless communications, early warning systems, intelligent management systems, etc. to carry out all-round remote monitoring and management of water quality. A large amount of historical data can be stored and analyzed to guide production management and ensure The high yield and income of aquaculture can avoid environmental problems caused by water pollution.


(1) Data monitoring
The aquaculture water quality online monitoring system can monitor the changes of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, PH value, conductivity, water temperature, suspended solids and other parameters online in real time through sensor equipment.
(2) Data transmission
The online water quality monitoring technology can transmit the data collected at the monitoring point to the user end in a very short time to ensure the timeliness and validity of the data. Compared with traditional manual sampling and monitoring, it not only simplifies the cumbersome procedure, but also saves the monitoring time.
(3) Monitoring and early warning
Through the water quality monitoring system platform, the user can set the safety value range of the monitored parameters. Once the front-end sensor detects that a water quality parameter exceeds the safety value range, the system will send an alarm message to notify the user for timely processing and ensure the storage of water tanks and reservoirs. The water quality is good.
(4) Data analysis
The online aquaculture water quality monitoring system can be set to monitor time periods and automatically collect without manual care. The system automatically generates data charts, and users can intuitively understand the changes in water quality. The collected data can be saved, historical data can be viewed at any time, and can be used for analysis, summarizing experience for the user's aquaculture and crop planting, and guiding management.
(5) Linkage control of aquaculture
The aquaculture water quality monitoring system realizes the centralized, remote and linkage control of the environment (including dissolved oxygen, water temperature, PH value, etc.) in the aquaculture farm. The control layer mainly includes aeration pump control, circulating pump control, camera control, and feeder control.
(6) Video surveillance system
Set up a movable video surveillance camera in the breeding area to realize the functions of remote real-time monitoring of the breeding site, regular snapshots of on-site photos, and video storage and playback. The aquaculture water quality monitoring system can perform 24-hour all-weather remote real-time video monitoring of the aquaculture site, which not only guarantees the safe production of the aquaculture site, but also improves the work efficiency of managers and the scientific management level of aquaculture production.
(7) Traceability system
Establish information management for raw materials, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, and sales in the aquatic product supply chain. The delivery and exchange plan enables aquatic products to have the ability to track and trace their quality and ensure product quality and safety.