Water heavy metal monitoring system – GB method for water monitoring


Water heavy metal monitoring systemThe water quality ON-LINE system can accurately measure the parameters of hexavalent chromium, iron, manganese, copper, lead, nickel, aluminum and zinc in the solution.

Product Features:
  • (1) Automatic dosing with less reagents
  • · Time interval (1-9999h arbitrarily adjustable) Maintenance cycle>720h/time;
  • · Unique reagent formula, strong anti-ion/turbidity/color interference ability;
  • (2) 7-inch touch LCD screen
  • · With parameter settings, calibration settings, instrument debugging, other settings, etc.;
  • · Colorful interface/simple operation/one-key operation;
  • (3) Automatic detection and automatic cleaning
  • · It can automatically clean the sampling pipeline, measurement unit, digestion reaction unit, and pipeline of the measurement unit;
  • (4) Few movable parts
  • · Modular design/easy to install/easy to maintain;
  • · Realize automatic protection of system balance damage, once the temperature controller fails, causing temperature out of control, it can automatically cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
Product Details:

Water quality heavy metal online monitoring system is mainly used for surface water, sewage monitoring, iron smelting and steelmaking and other environmental pollution sources online monitoring.

Technical Parameters:

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