Water turbidity sensor – suspended matter sensor

Product introduction

In order to meet the market demand of water quality testing industry, our company has developed a water turbidity sensor with higher cost performance and constant quality.The product adopts the principle of light wave scattering detection, through the number of light wave reflection detection of sludge turbidity in water and the size of suspended matter.

Product advantages

1.860nm wavelength infrared light source/filter

A filter is used to allow only light of a specific wavelength to reduce the interference of ambient light of other wavelengths to the sensor

2.Temperature compensation

Stainless steel temperature probe,。Bare design makes temperature measurement more sensitive.Through the measurement and calculation of temperature, reduce the interference of temperature on the measurement results.

3.Square wave signal

Transmit square wave signal.By processing the signal, the interference of the same wavelength in the sunlight to the received signal is reduced.

4.Monitoring parameters

The detector can monitor water turbidity, suspended matter, sludge turbidity.

Application scenarios

Water turbidity sensor is widely used in chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, scientific research, tap water and other fields turbidity value monitoring.

Water turbidity sensor introduction manual

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