Aqueous nitrate sensor – ion electrode

Aqueous nitrate sensor is a sensor that uses ion selective electrode to convert the amount of ions felt into usable output signal. Ion sensor is a selective measurement of the concentration (activity) of specific ions in solution. It has been 20 years since its development and plays an extremely important role in all scientific fields. In recent years, due to the development of semiconductor integration technology, ion sensors are also moving towards the direction of diversification and intelligent telemetry.

Product introduction

A kind of aqueous nitrate sensor for the determination of nitrate ions in aqueous solution was designed. It is suitable for rapid determination of sodium concentration in outdoor and laboratory fields. It is a new type of composite electrode, which is an improvement of the existing two kinds of electrodes, ion-selective electrode and reference electrode.

Product advantage

Water quality sodium ion electrode is easy to operate, no professional knowledge, no relevant operation experience can be easily used;It also has less sample amount of the tested solution, and can measure the amount of ions on the surface of the object at the same time;The electrode does not need to add electrolyte liquid, liquid interface potential stability, easy installation, stable motor performance, reliable use and so on.

Nitric acid ion water detector instruction manual

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