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The water multi-parameter detector is an intelligent electrode with RS485 interface and Modbus/RTU protocol. It is equipped with PT1000 temperature sensor and compensation algorithm, with stable performance and accurate detection. The enclosure is made of strong engineering plastics and is well protected for use in volatile environments such as sewage treatment plants or chemical effluent discharges.

Monitoring parameters:

The water multi-parameter detector can monitor water quality PH, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, water level, chlorophyll and other parameters, supports free customization of parameters, portable and lightweight, plug and measure.

Product Features:
  1. Plug and measure data real-time display: Put the sensor in the water for a few seconds to display the measurement result, simple and convenient, low measurement cost, and fast measurement speed.
  2. Rich man-machine interface: a full-color interface designed based on a new embedded idea, which can query, record, and display the connected sensor data in real time.
  3. A variety of records are available:1) Single-point recording: Press to record the current sensor data, which can assist scientific researchers to record in the desired way and set how often to collect data.2) Start recording/Stop recording: Press the start recording key to start measurement within a period of time; press the stop recording key to stop recording sensor data and save it to the memory.3) Unit switch: Press to switch the unit.
  4. Large-size display screen and large-capacity storage: 200,000 pieces of data can be stored, and the set time interval can be adjusted by itself to do data recording. The setting range is (5 seconds to 24 hours), and the corresponding data can be viewed according to the date and time.
  5. Automatic alarm elimination and backlight power saving: When the detected value exceeds the alarm value set by the user, the device will alarm and remind in time. Press the alarm elimination button to eliminate the alarm; when the user is not using the device, press the backlight Key to save the power of the device.
  6. View data one by one: the user can view the detected data one by one in real time, which is simple and convenient.
  7. One-key export of data is convenient and quick: you can connect the D-type data interface connector (DB9) to the USB to store the data to the computer and generate reports.

Portable water quality analyzer can be widely used in scientific research institutes, sewage engineering, water environment testing, petrochemical industry, metallurgical steel, biomedicine, food and dairy industry, wool textile printing and dyeing, electronic machinery, municipal water conservancy, aquaculture, photovoltaic, leather, papermaking, electroplating And other industries.

Technical Parameters:

Water quality parameters rapid measurement platform introduction manual

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