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The future development of water quality monitoring is introduced


In recent years, local governments and enterprises have been under pressure to assess the effectiveness of environmental governance. The demand for environmental monitoring increases correspondingly, and the market has a large space for growth. The task of environmental monitoring has been gradually extended to ecological monitoring and early warning of environmental risks. From the conventional physical and chemical indicators monitoring to toxic and harmful, biological ecological indicators monitoring. It will promote professional development in niche technical areas. Water quality monitoring ushered in a new stage of development.

Water quality monitoring equipment
Water quality monitoring equipment
The overall water resources are declining, and surface water is still the core water supply resource:

The upstream of the industrial chain of water quality monitoring industry includes various water sources. Such as my country's surface water, including rivers, lakes and reservoirs, drinking water sources, urban landscape rivers, water conservancy projects, as well as wastewater and sewage discharged from various polluting industries in my country. These are the objects of water quality monitoring in my country. The midstream of the water quality monitoring industry chain includes water quality monitoring equipment and water quality monitoring operation services. The downstream of the water quality monitoring industry chain includes environmental protection departments, water conservancy departments, water supply and drainage companies, and various pollution source enterprises.

Environmental protection departments and water conservancy departments formulate various policy plans through the information collected by water quality monitoring. In order to improve my country's environmental governance and the quality of water resources. Due to the increasingly strict control of industrial pollution by the state. Therefore, the sewage and wastewater discharged by each drainage company and each pollution source enterprise after their industrial production needs to be monitored. Avoid exceeding certain indicators.

The surface water quality continues to improve:

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2017, the total amount of wastewater discharged nationwide was 69.97 billion tons. Among them, the discharge of industrial wastewater was 18.16 billion tons, and the discharge of urban domestic sewage was 51.81 billion tons. In recent years, my country has attached great importance to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries. The State Council, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other relevant departments have issued a number of policies to encourage and supervise the ultra-low discharge of industrial wastewater and the effective treatment of industrial wastewater. The formulation and implementation of policy standards have actively promoted the development progress of my country's industrial wastewater treatment. Significant results have been achieved in improving environmental quality.

The discharge of wastewater pollution is reduced:

After the implementation of the policy, the collection of sewage charges was abolished, which is of great significance to protecting and improving the environment, reducing pollutant emissions and promoting ecological civilization construction. It is estimated that wastewater emissions will continue to decline.

Water Quality Monitoring System|Solution
Water Quality Monitoring System|Solution
Water quality monitoring system ushered in policy spring breeze:

In 2019, the water environment monitoring policy was intensively implemented. In January 2019, a number of ministries and commissions jointly issued the Action Plan for the Protection and Restoration of the Yangtze River. In April 2019, multiple ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Quality and Efficiency Improvement of Urban Sewage Treatment (2019-2021)". It is proposed that after three years of hard work, there is basically no direct discharge of domestic sewage in the built-up areas of cities at the prefecture level and above. Basically eliminate the blank areas of domestic sewage collection and treatment facilities in urban villages, old urban areas and urban-rural junctions. The black and odorous water bodies will be basically eliminated, and the centralized collection efficiency of urban domestic sewage will be significantly improved.

With the continuous increase of environmental protection law enforcement and the successive promulgation of supporting laws and regulations on online monitoring of environmental water quality. The demand for environmental water quality online monitoring system will tend to be strong. China's environmental water quality online monitoring market will achieve rapid development with huge market potential. Based on the market forecast of the above wastewater pollution source monitoring system and surface water monitoring system.

Hydrological monitoring system:

Jingxun's smooth hydrological monitoring system is suitable for remote monitoring of real-time water and rain conditions in rivers and reservoirs. Through the hydrological monitoring system, the management department can grasp the hydrological conditions of the river such as precipitation and cross-section water level in time. Make management decisions in a timely manner. The hydrological monitoring and early warning system plays an important role in early warning of flood disasters and avoiding human and economic losses. The monitoring contents of the hydrological monitoring system include: water level, flow rate, velocity, rainfall (snow), evaporation, sediment, ice, moisture, water quality, etc. The hydrological monitoring system uses wireless communication to transmit monitoring data in real time. It can greatly improve the work efficiency of the hydrological department.

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