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Ultrasonic level sensor-water level monitoring system-water level meter


The ultrasonic level sensor is a distance measuring instrument developed based on the principle of ultrasonic waves. It uses the transmitted sound wave pulse to measure the time at the receiving end to calculate the distance. The ultrasonic level gauge is made of ABS material, is light in weight, does not require maintenance and on-site calibration, and can be used in conjunction with a computer, data collector or other RS485-compliant collection equipment.


(1)No moving parts, low wear and long service life.
(2)Engineering plastic shell, light and handy design, easy to carry.
(3)The filtering algorithm makes the measurement more accurate.
(4)LED display, high-definition data display, easy to read at a glance.
(5)Expert mode/simple mode: In the expert mode, other functions can be set; in the easy mode, the product configuration can be quickly completed by 2-step setting and put into use.

Product details:

(1)Sewage level measurement: The composition of sewage is complex and corrosive, and floating objects are easy to form on the surface of the liquid level. Therefore, the level gauge needs to be sensitive and reliable. Ultrasonic level gauge has strong signal penetration and is a reliable "helper" for your measurement.
(2)Clean water level measurement: water level measurement of rivers, lakes and road area, the demand is very common. The liquid level data must not only be reliable, but can also be uploaded online for real-time monitoring. The ultrasonic liquid level has the RS485 function to effectively meet your needs.
(3)Acid-base level measurement: When measuring with acid-base level gauge, not only the liquid is corrosive, but also the chemical reaction will generate heat, which interferes with the level measurement. The ultrasonic level gauge has the characteristics of anti-corrosion.

Application range:

Ultrasonic level gauges are widely used in industrial water tanks, tanks, municipal engineering, water conservancy and hydropower, sewage treatment, petrochemical and other industries to measure the distance of the liquid level.

Advantages of multi-parameter water quality monitoring stations

Multi-parameter water quality monitoring station is an important water quality monitoring equipment, which can meet the needs of various water quality monitoring. It has the characteristics of high precision, comprehensiveness and good stability, which can realize the real-time monitoring and control of water quality parameters.

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