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The large-scale water quality monitoring system floating station is an intelligent monitoring equipment that can adapt to marine monitoring operations. The floating water quality monitoring equipment can float on the sea for a long time to monitor the water quality environment in real time.


Remote monitoring
--Can be connected to PC/mobile terminal--
Through advanced sensing technology, build an all-weather multi-level IoT multi-source perception system
Dual solar panel power supply
--Energy saving and environmental protection--
Not affected by the direction of sunlight, greatly extending working hours
With various detection probes
--Strong practicality--
The floating station can be equipped with various detection probes to monitor the water quality in real time

Monitoring scene:

(1)Water quality monitoring of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs: large-scale deployment of monitoring equipment along rivers and lakes, Internet of Things technology as the carrier, big data and cloud computing technology as the starting point, through the establishment of a system management platform, to provide a full range of water quality monitoring solutions .
(2)Ocean water quality monitoring: The floating water quality monitoring system can accurately measure the sea water quality online, in situ, and send the data back to the onshore data center in real time to provide timely warnings and effectively monitor the sea water quality.
(3)Aquaculture water quality monitoring: The aquaculture water quality monitoring system can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of the three parameters of water quality, temperature, PH value and dissolved oxygen, and perform functions such as storage and historical record query on the computer.
(4)River water quality monitoring: Floating river water quality automatically monitors the water quality status in the target water area, forming a grid of river water quality monitoring trends, which will help to form a sound long-term river management mechanism.
(5)Reservoir water quality monitoring: The reservoir water quality monitoring system is suitable for real-time monitoring of lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other monitoring stations to observe changes in water quality.

working principle:


Floating water quality monitoring system can be used in water quality monitoring of rivers and lakes, aquaculture, ocean water quality, sewage monitoring and other fields, modular design, free selection, support for custom solar modules, wireless transmission modules.

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