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Water quality sensor

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Convenience brought by portable water quality sensor


Water quality sensor -In the vast world, all beings are inseparable from water. Water is the source of life and the basic guarantee of life. With water resources, all things have vitality. However, with the progress of society, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and the waste and pollution of water resources have become more and more serious. The application of water quality sensors is becoming more and more important.

The state can adopt policies to strictly control the waste of water resources. You can also pay attention to protect it. However, the pollution of water resources has become bad, and this problem needs to be solved urgently.

Otherwise, we will have no clean water to use in the future. Serious water pollution not only harms our surrounding environment, harms flowers, trees, and people’s lives. Physical health and survival of animals. In response to serious water pollution, people should be aware of the alarm, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. Therefore, it is very necessary for water quality monitoring.

water quality sensor
water quality sensor
Introduction of water quality monitoring equipment

In response to the problem of water quality monitoring, We independently developed water quality monitoring equipment to better understand and monitor water quality. portable water quality multi-parameter rapid measurement platform is a self-developed water quality monitoring platform by us.

The function of our alarm

It can automatically cancel the alarm, save power with backlight, compact and convenient, convenient to carry, support parameter customization, and more kinds of recording methods to choose from, which can better meet different needs. The long use cycle can better meet the diverse needs of customers.

Portable Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Water Quality Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor adopts a fluorescence probe and uses the principle of fluorescence quenching for measurement, which can overcome the shortcomings of traditional classical measurement methods that cannot be continuously measured online.

The probe does not need to replace the diaphragm and can be long-term maintenance-free , Easy to use and install, sensitive response, no need to calibrate, greatly reduce the maintenance workload in the use of the instrument, even in the dark environment can be better monitored.