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Residual Chlorine Sensor – Water Treatment “Patron Saint”


As people's demand for quality of life becomes higher and higher, water treatment industry has become an indispensable and important industry in modern society. The quality of water directly affects people's health and life safety, so the water treatment industry has always been the field of concern. In the process of water treatment, as one of the key monitoring equipment, residual chlorine sensor plays an important role in ensuring water quality safety.

Ion Sensor

The function of water residual chlorine sensor:

Water quality residual chlorine sensor is a kind of instrument used to measure the residual chlorine content in water. It introduces a specific concentration of residual chlorination reagent into water, and then converts the measurement results into digital signal output, so as to realize the monitoring and analysis of water quality.

Specifically, the role of water quality residual chlorine sensor mainly has the following points:

Ensure the safety of water quality: During the water treatment process, the residual chlorine sensor can monitor the residual chlorine content in the water in real time to ensure that the water quality is always kept within the safe range. When the residual chlorine content in the water exceeds the safe range, the sensor will immediately alarm and inform the staff to deal with it.

Improve production efficiency: By monitoring residual chlorine levels in water in real time, workers can adjust process parameters based on the data, thereby increasing production efficiency, reducing wastewater discharge and reducing production costs.

Reduce environmental pollution: In drinking water industry, water quality residual chlorine sensors can also realize the monitoring of residual chlorine content in tap water pipe network, timely discover pipe network loopholes and maintenance, to avoid the occurrence of drinking water pollution.

Food poisoning prevention: Food contains a large number of bacteria and viruses, and residual chlorine sensor can monitor the residual chlorine content in tap water, timely detect the presence of bacteria and viruses in water and take corresponding measures, so as to ensure people's food safety.

Residual Chlorine Detector

Classification of water quality residual chlorine sensor

According to different classification standards, water residual chlorine sensors can be classified in different ways. The following are some common categories:

Classification according to measurement principle:
(1) electrochemical formula: Using the principle of electrochemical reaction, the current change generated by the reaction of residual chlorine with the electrode is converted into electrical signal output.

(2) Optical formula: The residual chlorine content in water is determined by measuring the change of light based on the photoelectric effect principle.

(3) Catalytic type: Use the catalyst and residual chlorine reaction to produce chemical reaction principle, the current changes generated by chemical reaction into electrical signal output.

According to the sensor material classification:
(1) Semiconductor: The sensor chip is made of semiconductor material, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, good stability and long life.

(2) Ceramic type: The sensor chip is made of polymer material, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good stability.

(3) Composite: the sensor chips of two different materials are combined together, with higher sensitivity and better stability.

Advantages of multi-parameter water quality monitoring stations

Multi-parameter water quality monitoring station is an important water quality monitoring equipment, which can meet the needs of various water quality monitoring. It has the characteristics of high precision, comprehensiveness and good stability, which can realize the real-time monitoring and control of water quality parameters.

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