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Application and development of portable dissolved oxygen meter


Portable dissolved oxygen meter is a kind of instrument for measuring dissolved oxygen content in water, which is widely used in aquaculture, aquarium, ecological park, Marine research and other fields. The basic principle, application scenario and future development trend of portable dissolved oxygen sensor are discussed in this paper.

Basic principle of portable dissolved oxygen meter:

A portable dissolved oxygen meter consists mainly of sensors and electronic devices. The sensor uses electrochemical principles to convert oxygen electrodes in water into electrical signals. Data processing and display through electronic equipment. The electrode constant and membrane potential of the sensor will affect the measurement accuracy and stability. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate and calibrate the sensor.

Portable dissolved oxygen detector

Application scenarios of portable dissolved oxygen meter:

Aquaculture: Portable dissolved oxygen meters can be used to monitor dissolved oxygen content in water bodies to ensure a stable and healthy farming environment. In the process of culture, too high or too low concentration of dissolved oxygen will adversely affect the growth of fish and aquatic plants.

Aquariums: Portable dissolved oxygen meters can be used to measure the dissolved oxygen content of water bodies in aquariums to ensure the growth and health of aquarium organisms. The water circulation system in the aquarium needs to be replaced regularly to prevent algae growth and oxygen deficiency.

Ecological park: Portable dissolved oxygen meter can be used to measure the dissolved oxygen content of water in the ecological park to help maintain the balance and stability of the ecosystem. In an ecosystem, plants and animals have different needs for oxygen, so they need to adjust their environmental conditions to keep the ecosystem in balance.

Marine research: Portable dissolved oxygen meters can be used to measure dissolved oxygen content in different areas of the ocean. To understand the changes of Marine ecosystems and the rules of biological activity. Marine research requires long-term monitoring of environmental changes in different regions. To understand how ecosystems respond to climate change and human activity.

Water quality quick tester

Future development trend of portable dissolved oxygen meter:

Sensor technology upgrade: With the continuous development of science and technology, sensor technology will continue to upgrade, further improve the measurement accuracy and stability of portable dissolved oxygen meter.

Application of intelligence and Internet of Things technology: Intelligence and Internet of Things technology will gradually be applied to portable dissolved oxygen meters to achieve real-time monitoring and remote control of data.

Diversified application scenarios: Portable dissolved oxygen meters will gradually expand the application scenarios, not only limited to aquaculture, aquariums, ecological parks and Marine research, but also to freshwater aquaculture, industrial wastewater treatment and other fields.

Low power consumption and miniaturization: Future portable dissolved oxygen meters will focus more on power consumption and miniaturization design to meet the needs of portability and mobility.

International standardization: In order to promote the healthy development of the portable dissolved oxygen meter industry, it is necessary to develop corresponding international standards to regulate the design, manufacture and quality control of products.

In short, portable dissolved oxygen meter is an important water quality monitoring instrument. It has a wide range of application scenarios and important significance. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application scenarios. Portable dissolved oxygen meters will play a more important role in the future.

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