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Future of Water Quality Monitoring


Environmental water quality monitoring aims to provide the data needed to protect the environment from the adverse biological effects of multiple chemical pollutants caused by anthropogenic diffuse discharges and point sources. Shift the focus of water monitoring from a small number of legacy chemicals to complex chemical mixtures and identify related drivers of toxic effects. Monitoring serves a range of purposes, from controlling compliance with chemical and ecological conditions to protecting specific water uses, such as potable water extraction. A variety of water sampling techniques, chemical targets, suspect and non-target analyses, and a range of in vitro, improved in vivo and in situ bioassays have been developed to improve the monitoring of water pollution. Major improvements for wider applicability include customised sampling techniques, wider and more diverse screening and identification techniques for chemicals, higher detection sensitivity, standardized protocols for chemical, toxicological and ecological assessments, and systematic evidence assessment techniques. No single method or combination of methods can satisfy all the different monitoring purposes.

Water Quality Monitoring System

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The water quality monitoring system can collect on-site water temperature, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen and other parameter data in real time, and transmit the parameter data to the cloud platform of the Internet of Things, so as to realize real-time monitoring of the data of various on-site equipment. Users can view it in real time through computer web page or mobile app, and can freely set the upper and lower limits of each parameter standard value. If the data exceeds the limit, SMS or wechat alarm can be sent to relevant personnel to realize early warning, avoid unnecessary loss, and realize remote protection of on-site equipment. Water quality monitoring system solutions are widely used in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, fisheries, tap water, factories, water purification plants, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, aquaculture farmers, government water management, farms and other scenarios.

problems caused by water pollution.

Aquaculture water quality monitoring system solution

In recent years, water quality monitoring of aquaculture has been paid more and more attention. People are more concerned about food safety issues, so aquaculture is paid more attention to. Aquaculture water quality monitoring system adopts advanced intelligent water quality sensor, wireless transmission system, wireless communication, early warning system, intelligent management system, etc., to carry out comprehensive remote monitoring and management of water quality. A large amount of historical data can be stored and analyzed to guide production management and ensure that aquaculture is productive and profitable enough to avoid environmental

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