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Professional technology and years of experience in the field of water quality detection,Optimize the

water environment and pursue higher quality of water quality detection.

Analysis of market development status of water quality monitoring industry

Background introduction:

From a policy perspective, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, environmental protection policies continued to exert force. Continue to promote the governance of water environment from the country to various provinces and cities. Water quality monitoring is a yardstick for testing the quality of the water environment, and the market space increases with the deepening of environmental protection. Therefore, a lot of water quality monitoring equipment was born. It is more convenient to carry out water quality monitoring work.

From an economic point of view, despite the impact of the epidemic. However, my country's macro-economy still maintains a stable and positive trend, which will provide a good environment for the development of water quality monitoring enterprises. From the perspective of social environment, with the development of my country's industrialization, my country's water pollution is still serious. Strengthening water quality monitoring is the premise of water pollution control. From the perspective of technological development, the research and development and innovation capabilities of my country's water quality monitoring industry have been continuously improved.

Policies strengthen water environmental protection and promote the growth of demand for water quality monitoring:

Through water quality monitoring, we can grasp the change trend of water quality and the progress and specific situation of water environment protection in each stage in time. Thus provide powerful reference data and information for the environmental protection and governance work of relevant departments. At the same time, monitoring data is also an important scientific basis for solving environmental pollution problems. In the case of clear responsibility subject, water quality monitoring data can also become an effective basis for assessment objectives and legal accountability. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the relevant policies of the relevant departments of the state and water environment took place frequently. Multi-party policies have greatly promoted the governance of the water environment. Water quality monitoring as the "indicator" of water environment governance, water quality monitoring market will take the lead.

Water quality monitoring equipment
Water quality monitoring equipment
China has provided a sound environment for the development of water quality monitoring:

The year 2020 marks the conclusion of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The basic trend of steady and positive economic performance remained unchanged. According to China's macroeconomic system model forecast. China's GDP growth rate in 2020 is basically the same as that in 2019. Steady and fast development was maintained, and employment and prices remained basically stable. The industrial structure continued to be optimized, and the quality of growth continued to improve.

Industrialization has accelerated and water pollution is serious:

In recent years, water pollution in China has become increasingly serious. In 2018, 75 billion tons of sewage was discharged nationwide. In addition to 70 percent of industrial wastewater and less than 10 percent of domestic sewage are treated and discharged, the rest of the sewage is directly discharged into rivers, lakes and seas without treatment. Lead to serious deterioration of water quality, sewage chemical oxygen demand, heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide, volatile phenols and so on are on the rise. Of the country's 95,000 kilometers of rivers, 19,000 kilometers are polluted, and 5,000 kilometers are seriously polluted. The Qingjiang river becomes turbid, the muddy water becomes smelly, and the disappearance of fish and shrimp is shocking. The songhua, Huaihe, Haihe and Liaohe rivers are seriously polluted. Eighty-six percent of urban rivers are polluted to some degree. Water pollution causes huge economic losses.

Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System
The level of research, development and innovation in water quality monitoring has gradually improved:

With the development of water quality monitoring industry, the technical level of water quality monitoring is also improving. The change from relying on import of key technologies to independent research and development of production marks the improvement of the development level of China's water quality monitoring industry. With the continuous development of Internet of Things technology, all kinds of Internet of things water quality monitoring equipment are favored and concerned by people.

The water quality monitoring system collects the data of water temperature, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and other parameters. The parameter data can be transmitted to the Cloud platform of the Internet of Things to achieve real-time monitoring of the data of various on-site equipment. Users can view it in real time through computer web page or mobile phone APP, and can set the upper and lower limits of the standard values of each parameter freely. If the data exceeds the limit, it can send SMS or wechat alarm reminder to relevant personnel. Realize early warning to avoid unnecessary losses. It can be realized remotely and can protect on-site equipment.

The cabinet-type water quality online system has the characteristics of high stability, superior repeatability, and multi-function. water quality online system can accurately measure solution parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, heavy metal ions, total phosphorus, and ammonia nitrogen.

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