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Water Quality Monitoring System-Water Quality Analyzer


The cabinet-type water quality online system has the characteristics of high stability, superior repeatability, and multi-function. water quality online system can accurately measure solution parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, heavy metal ions, total phosphorus, and ammonia nitrogen.

Test items:

Routine testing items: COD|Ammonia Nitrogen|Total Phosphorus|Total Nitrogen|Turbidity
Heavy metal detection items: hexavalent chromium|total chromium
Other test items: Permanganate|Chroma|Hardness


(1) Automatic dosing with less reagents
· Time interval (1-9999h arbitrarily adjustable) Maintenance cycle>720h/time;
· Unique reagent formula, strong anti-ion/turbidity/color interference ability;
(2) 7-inch touch LCD screen
· With parameter settings, calibration settings, instrument debugging, other settings, etc.;
· Colorful interface/simple operation/one-key operation;
(3) Automatic detection and automatic cleaning
· It can automatically clean the sampling pipeline, measurement unit, digestion reaction unit, and pipeline of the measurement unit;
(4) Few movable parts
· Modular design/easy to install/easy to maintain;
· Realize automatic protection of system balance damage, once the temperature controller fails, causing temperature out of control, it can automatically cut off the power supply to ensure safety.


The cabinet-type water quality online analyzer is mainly used in the online monitoring of environmental pollution sources in sewage treatment, papermaking, steel, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, electroplating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing industries.

Technical Parameters:
Parameter nameParameter content
Power supply 220V
Display method7 inch touch LCD display
Measuring range0- 800mg/L
Lower limit of determination≤30mg/L (refers to error ± 30%)
Zero drift±10mg/L
The sampling periodTime interval (1 -9999h can be adjusted arbitrarily)
Maintenance cycle>720h/time
Environmental requirementsRecommended temperature +5~40℃; Humidity<90%

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