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Turbidity Sensor & Meter-Turbidity Analyzer


The water suspended matter sludge concentration sensor (water turbidity detector/water turbidity sensor) uses the light wave scattering detection principle to detect the concentration of suspended matter and sludge in water through the number of light wave reflections. Our turbidity detector has low price and accurate measurement.


(1) Temperature compensation, stainless steel temperature probe, bare design temperature measurement is more sensitive, through temperature measurement and calculation to reduce temperature interference on the measurement results.
(2) Square wave signal, transmit a square wave signal, and reduce the interference of light of the same wavelength in sunlight to the received signal by processing the signal.
(3) Multiple measurements can detect water turbidity suspended solids/sludge concentration.
(4) 860nm wavelength infrared light source/filter, using filter, only allows specific wavelength light to pass through to reduce the interference of other wavelength ambient light on the sensor.


Water quality turbidity sensors are widely used in continuous monitoring of turbidity and temperature in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, food and tap water.

Technical Parameters:
Parameter nameParameter content
powered by 12-24V DC
Power consumption<0.15W
measurement accuracy±5% or ±3NTU
±3% or ±2NTU
Measuring range0-100/0-1000
output signalRS485/4-20mA
Operating temperature0-50°C
Installation methodImmersion installation
light source860nm

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