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Importance of monitoring ammonia nitrogen in water quality

User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 01 2021

In recent years, people and livestock drinking water difficulties and even poisoning caused by the random discharge of ammonia-nitrogenous wastewater occur frequently. The Yangtze River, Huaihe River, Qiantang River and Tuojiang River in Sichuan have been reported. There have been major incidents in the region, such as algae pollution that has made drinking water difficult for millions of people, and related waters have been "implicated". Therefore, the removal of ammonia nitrogen from wastewater has become one of the hotspots of environmental researchers. Water quality ammonia nitrogen monitoring is a very important work, we need to monitor through water quality testing instruments. It mainly includes water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor, water quality ammonia nitrogen analyzer and other equipment. The water quality detector used in different monitoring scenarios is different. Water quality ammonia nitrogen monitoring is very heavy presence.

Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System
Water quality ammonia nitrogen detector function

The on-line monitor of water quality ammonia nitrogen has the functions of automatic collection, storage, processing, query, display and output of all data, instrument parameters and operation logs. Select valve assembly, select reagent sampling sequence. The channel is flexible and diverse, with the advantages of minimum volume, easy maintenance and high life. Has a digital communication interface, through the digital communication interface output instructions, relevant data and operation logs, and can receive and manage. Remote control instructions of the platform, including remote start, remote timing and other functions.

The ammonia nitrogen on-line sensor can work automatically and continuously according to the field setting for a long time unattended. Widely used in industrial pollution discharge wastewater, municipal sewage treatment plant sewage, environmental quality surface water and other occasions. According to the complexity of field test conditions, the corresponding pretreatment system can be selected. To ensure that the test process is reliable, the test results are accurate, and fully meet the needs of different occasions.