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Aquaculture can use water quality monitoring system for monitoring and management
User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 29 2021

With the rapid development of China's breeding industry, the breeding industry is growing because of people's strong demand. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River is the main area of aquaculture in China. Will lead to lower intake of water feed, for fish and shrimp and other organisms, is not conducive to their survival and growth. If continuous precipitation may appear pond overflow pond, aquatic product puts pond quantity to reduce, cause aquaculture to reduce production. In order to realize the monitoring of pond water quality in rainy period, solve the problems of inconvenient and difficult real-time monitoring of aquatic ecological environment in aquaculture, and improve the economic benefits of aquaculture industry. Jingxun unimpeded independent research and development of water quality monitoring system, can better aquaculture water quality monitoring.

Introduction of water quality monitoring system

Smooth water quality monitoring system series. Including pole type, floating water quality online monitoring and national standard method of water quality online analyzer, support cloud platform customized development.It can monitor ph value, oxygen content, ammonia and other water quality parameters 24 hours in real time, and effectively realize the prevention and control of water pollution events.Help environmental protection system integrators or relevant departments to grasp water quality information timely and accurately, for early warning and prediction of major regional water pollution accidents. To supervise the discharge of pollutants, and to supervise the implementation of the total amount control system.

Traditional manual detection, the monitoring period is long. High labor intensity and slow data acquisition speed. The online water quality monitoring system can remotely detect the on-site real-time data through the large monitoring screen option of the cloud platform. Facilitate the unified management of staff. Easy maintenance, deployment, and expansion, multi-parameter, and low power consumption.