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Internet of Things and aquaculture water quality monitoring system

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 27 2021

With the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of society. the Internet of Things is developing better and better, bringing people a different sense of experience. In recent years, aquaculture as a whole more and more large-scale, intelligent, towards a better direction in the continuous development. The traditional artificial water quality monitoring has not been able to better meet the needs of the situation. Intelligent breeding monitoring system can better meet the needs. The water quality is mainly affected by dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, pH and other factors. It is very difficult to control these factors, and the traditional artificial way really cannot be well monitored and shown to farmers.

Aquaculture water quality monitoring system can be a good solution to this problem, aquaculture water quality monitoring system is based on the Internet of things products, with the large-scale and rapid development of aquaculture industry, the competition is more and more fierce. How to breed scientifically? How to improve product yield and quality? How to obtain accurate and reliable breeding data? These problems are the concern of farmers and researchers in related fields. In this era of rapid development of science and technology, it is most important to choose the most suitable equipment manufacturer. Jingxun is your reliable partner.

Water Quality Monitoring System|Solution
Water Quality Monitoring System|Solution
Aquaculture water quality monitoring system

Aquaculture water quality monitoring system based on Internet of things technology, wireless sensor, cloud, big data, and information technology as the foundation.Such as the Internet, using sensors to real-time monitoring of underwater dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and other parameters of water environment.affect the growth of aquatic animals through information transmit the data to a wireless network system.To raise household can timely access to the data of water quality information.And timely and accurate grasp of water quality dynamic changes. At the same time, users can access data and system management functions through mobile phones, computers and other information terminals.Real-time monitoring information, early warning information, aquaculture intensive, network remote management.