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Use equipment provided by the park’s surface water monitoring system manufacturer

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 20 2021

Surface water monitoring system-Whether it is an industrial park, a science and technology park, or a zoo, a botanical garden, or an ecological park, as long as it is a place with a "garden" in its name. It generally occupies a large area. And the topography is also more complicated. And there are often multiple types of water bodies. Even these water bodies themselves constitute a variety of landscapes for tourists to appreciate or play a role in environmental improvement.

Intelligent water quality monitoring equipment
Intelligent water quality monitoring equipment
Application of water quality monitoring equipment

Because the surface water in the park plays this role, it has high requirements for its water quality, at least not like the water bodies in many places, there are garbage floating on the water. And people will smell an unpleasant smell when they are close to the past. the taste of. However, because the water bodies in the park are often small in scale. They will not have a large scale and strong self-cleaning ability like the naturally formed water bodies in the outside world. At the same time, they also have more contact with humans. Therefore, it is necessary to protect In the matter of the water environment. More financial and physical resources should be invested.

Therefore, many park operators will monitor the water quality of the surface water bodies in the park several times a month. And strive to stifle the losses in the cradle before the water bodies really start to show signs of becoming dirty and ugly. After all, if the water quality really deteriorates to that extent. It will definitely result in the loss of the reputation of the park. In addition, if the pollution is too serious and has a negative impact on the health of people. The park will also The suspension of business for rectification has led to more serious losses.

Surface water monitoring system-Fortunately, the park is different from natural water bodies. There are often a large number of pipelines underground. As long as reliable surface water online monitoring equipment is used to accurately grasp the water quality of the water body. It can be treated in time to prevent the water quality from continuing to deteriorate or spread.