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The Nitrite in water has a great impact on organisms

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 19 2021

Water quality nitrate sensor-Everyone knows that nitrogen is one of the main elements in protein and amino acids. Some methods of monitoring the protein content in food are achieved by monitoring the nitrogen content in food. The melamine incident in Sanlu Dairy was the same as this. The detection method is related.

Regardless of whether it is fish, shrimps or crabs, they are all organisms with relatively high protein content in their bodies. The proteins and amino acids in their bodies are metabolized to produce substances containing nitrite, and nitrites are toxic. If it accumulates in the water of the aquaculture pond, it will cause the aquatic products in the aquaculture pond to languish or even die.

Therefore, in the process of aquaculture, it is very important to pay attention to the content of nitrate in the water body.


Of course, many aquaculture farmers are also aware of this situation, so they often buy aquaculture water quality testing equipment to monitor the water quality in the aquaculture pond, and most aquaculture water quality testing has the function of monitoring the concentration of nitrate ions in the water body. In addition, water nitrate detectors, water zinc ion concentration detectors. Water lead ion concentration detectors. And water chloride ion content detectors are also more common.

The advantage of these detection equipment is that there is no need to perform the monitoring process. Too cumbersome operation. And the traditional use of test paper for water quality monitoring. Not only to take the water sample. But also to process the test paper, and calculate the data according to the comparison table on the manual after the test paper is colored. The water quality testing equipment only needs to be installed You can get various data of water quality by putting the probe into the water body with the test solution of appetite.

Moreover, the current aquaculture water quality monitoring equipment can measure more water quality items. One monitoring equipment is in hand. You can complete a number of water quality data testing. Including but not limited to water temperature, dissolved oxygen, water pH, and water ammonia nitrogen content.

Think about it carefully, if you want to rely on test paper to complete so many water quality testing items. How much will it cost Huge workload.

Benefits of using water quality testing equipment:

Timely detection of the nitrite content in the water body and timely purification of the aquaculture water body can effectively improve the living environment of the aquatic product and reduce the probability of disease of the aquatic product.

In this case, the fertilizer and weight of the aquatic product will increase. The process will become faster. And it will be able to bring more considerable benefits to the farmers.

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