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National standard water quality analyzer-With the development of economy and society, urban planning in cities has become more and more scientific. Considering that factories have a greater impact on the surrounding environment, and factories have complementary advantages in resources, products, markets, and talents. Therefore, city planners will designate an industrial area when planning, and a certain number of factories will be built there, and such a place, under normal circumstances, will be called a certain industrial park.


Factories are large consumers of water and electricity. Placing a number of factories in industrial parks can facilitate power plants and water plants to supply water and power to them, and reduce the investment in the installation of long-distance power supply equipment and long-distance water supply equipment.

One type can even be directly built in an industrial park, and then power plants in the industrial zone nearby. The loss of electricity in the case of short-distance transmission is relatively small, while the loss of long-distance transmission is relatively large. In industrial areas, waste can be reduced and resources can be saved, which is also very convenient for factories.

However, the clustering of factories will also cause some problems. Many factories will produce pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, inhalable particulate matter and volatile organic compounds during the production process. In addition, they will also produce various heavy metal dissolution. Some of these wastewaters need to be treated in the factory by themselves. But it is inevitable that there will be leakage. After all, it is difficult to completely seal the sewer system.

Therefore, the water quality and air quality of the water bodies in the industrial park may not be very good. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the water quality monitoring equipment.

National standard water quality analyzer
National standard water quality analyzer
The role of water quality monitoring:

The factory has a large number of employees. These employees work in the factory during the day. They may also take a rest in the dormitory near the industrial park after work.

They have more daily contact with the water and air in the industrial park. In order to protect the health of these people. It is necessary to use sewage monitoring equipment in industrial parks to detect water quality.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to completing the online monitoring of water pollution sources. After all, once the water quality is found to be poor. The first thing to do is to find the pollution source through the water quality monitoring equipment, and check the pollution source. Of enterprises carry out relevant treatment. Otherwise, no matter how high the level of sewage treatment is, the effect will be limited.

Correspondingly, factories in the industrial park are required to install supporting online monitoring equipment for wastewater discharge standards to monitor water quality and solve pollution problems from the source.

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