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How fragrant is “smart” aquaculture water quality monitoring?

User:JXCTUpload time:Oct 13 2021

Smart Aquatic Solutions-The carriage of the 21st century is working hard. Today, with the rapid development of the aquaculture industry. How aquaculture develops into a high-efficiency, low-density aquaculture model has also attracted more and more attention from people and relevant departments.

According to national conditions, there is actually a lot of usable area for aquaculture. Today, with the continuous acceleration of technological reforms. How to use the laws of economics and respect natural development to establish a complete and scientific breeding model to promote aquaculture in the direction of sustainable development?

How to make better use of the aquaculture environment and natural resources and build the most suitable scale and method of aquaculture has become a common concern of many farmers. Protecting the ecological balance of the aquaculture water area is also an issue that the aquaculture industry needs to pay attention to urgently.

Today, with the continuous development of innovative aquaculture, innovative breeding models, innovative breeding methods. And innovative breeding species have appeared one after another, bringing people new ideas.

The Internet of Things based on the Internet is in an era of rapid development. Smart breeding Will lead the farmers to a new world. For the aquaculture industry, aquaculture water quality monitoring equipment is the lifeblood of aquaculture. So it is important to choose the most suitable water quality monitoring equipment.

water quality monitoring information system
water quality monitoring information system
Aquaculture water quality monitoring

Jingxun’s unobstructed aquaculture water quality monitoring equipment can help you better grasp the water quality of aquaculture. Provide good water quality monitoring data. Help you understand the overall situation of your aquaculture more quickly and accurately. Provide data support and Allow farmers to deal with various measures in advance.

The multi-parameter water quality online detector has high-sensitivity probes for accurate measurement, strong adaptability. Simple maintenance, not afraid of the threat of high temperature and high pressure, long life, strong confidentiality, etc. And supports parameter customization to better meet needs .

The aquaculture water quality monitoring system is based on the Internet of Things technology, wireless sensors, cloud platforms, big data, and the Internet. It uses sensors to monitor underwater dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and other water environment parameters that affect the growth of aquatic animals in real time.

The data is transmitted to the system through the informationized wireless transmission network. So that the raisers can obtain the data information of water quality in time. And grasp the dynamic changes of water quality in a timely and accurate manner.

Hurry up and learn about Jingxun Changtong's smart aquatic products solutions.