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Water quality monitoring equipment makes the water quality of rivers and lakes more secure


Water quality monitoring system-Rivers and lakes occupies an important position in all the water resources in our country. In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology and the continuous increase of population. The serious pollution of water resources and the shortage of water resources have all sounded the alarm for people.

Due to the large population of China, Nowadays, a population of more than one billion makes our country the country with the least per capita water resources. But the water pollution situation has not been fundamentally solved, and the overall improvement effect is also minimal.

This makes our country, which has not many water resources, ranks last in per capita water resources. Adding to the serious pollution of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, China’s water resources have always been in a state of serious deficits.

Therefore, attention is paid to water quality monitoring of rivers and lakes and protecting our water resources is now an indispensable and important existence. Is also an important task in development.

Intelligent water quality monitoring equipment
Intelligent water quality monitoring equipment
Introduction of Water quality monitoring system

The various water quality monitoring equipment on the market can’t help but make people confused.

How to select the most suitable water quality monitoring equipment and water quality monitoring system at the most reasonable price has become the most concerned issue of relevant departments and aquaculture farmers. It doesn’t matter.

Jingxun will help you answer your questions. The multi-parameter water quality online detector independently developed by Jingxun Changtong is an online water quality inspection instrument that integrates multiple monitoring parameters.

The probe with high sensitivity can carry out accurate measurement, strong adaptability, simple maintenance. Not afraid of the threat of high temperature and high pressure, long life, strong confidentiality and other characteristics.

It can be widely used in water quality monitoring in many fields such as wastewater, sewage, metallurgy, swimming pool, water plant, hospital sewage, etc. It supports parameter customization and can better meet the needs.

Water quality online monitoring program, with modular function. Can remotely monitor water environment parameters, water quality total phosphorus, total nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, PH, turbidity, etc. Widely used for online monitoring of surface water, rivers and lakes. And corporate wastewater Sewage monitoring can be viewed remotely through the water quality monitoring cloud platform in real time. And warning of exceeding the standard can be customized according to the different needs of different customers, so as to better meet the needs of customers.

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