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The quality of water has a major impact on aquaculture

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 30 2021

Why use a Intelligent water quality monitoring system? The so-called "fish raise water first". In aquaculture, water quality is a very critical factor. Various aquatic organisms have the water quality conditions required for their own survival.

Therefore, the control of water quality determines the healthy growth of aquatic products to a large extent. The quality of water is not only related to the quality of aquatic products, but also determines the health of consumers.

In the process of aquaculture, the management of water quality is an important part of the management of aquaculture. The application of various water quality improvers can provide a relatively good growth environment for aquatic products. In the course of practice, only by truly starting from doing a good job of water quality management and choosing a reasonable water quality monitoring system can we ensure the healthy growth of aquatic products and ensure that the economic benefits of farmers will not be lost.

Water Quality Station
Water Quality Station
Aquaculture water quality monitoring

Jingxun Changtong Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System is based on the Internet of Things technology, wireless sensors, cloud platforms, big data and Internet and other information technologies.

It uses sensors to monitor underwater dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and other water that affect the growth of aquatic animals in real time.

The environmental parameters are transmitted to the system through the informationized wireless transmission network, so that the raisers can obtain the data information of water quality in time, and grasp the dynamic changes of water quality in a timely and accurate manner.

At the same time, users can access data and system management functions through mobile phones, computers and other information terminals, real-time monitoring information, early warning information, and realizing intensive and networked remote management of aquaculture. So, Intelligent water quality monitoring system is very important in aquaculture.