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The importance of water quality monitoring equipment for surface water quality monitoring

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 30 2021

Why you should do the water quality monitoring? What is surface water? Surface water (surface water) refers to the general term of dynamic water and static water on the land surface, also known as "land water".Including various liquid water and solid water bodies, mainly rivers, lakes, glaciers, etc.

Surface water is one of the main sources of water for human life and an important part of water resources in various countries.Surface water is formed by the accumulation of natural precipitation over the years.And naturally lost to the ocean or disappeared through evaporation, and seepage to the ground.The human body has a great demand for water.

If you drink poor water for a long time, your body's resistance will naturally weaken. Furthermore, when the long-term accumulation of pollutants reaches the body's unbearable capacity.No matter how smart the doctor is, no matter how effective the medicine is, it may not be effective.This shows that water quality monitoring of surface water is very important.

Water Quality Station
Water Quality Station
Water quality monitoring equipment

The water quality monitoring system independently developed by Jingxunchangtong can remotely monitor water environment parameters, water quality total phosphorus, total nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, PH, turbidity, etc.

It is widely used for online monitoring of surface water, rivers and lakes. And corporate wastewater and sewage monitoring.It can be viewed remotely through the water quality monitoring cloud platform in real time, warning of exceeding the standard, and prompting quickly and effectively.The water quality online monitoring system can save water quality parameter data, and users can consult and analyze historical data at any time.

The water quality parameter data can be exported and sorted.Daily, month and year reports can be made for environmental parameters, statistical analysis, benchmarking, etc. can be made.A variety of data models are available for viewing.Basic operations such as adding, modifying, checking, and deleting information on monitoring points can be realized, and various monitoring equipment can be managed more standardized.

Multi-parameter water quality rapid detector can be customized water quality monitoring equipment according to actual needs.

With intelligent temperature compensation, it can be adjusted manually and automatically. It has a password function to prevent data leakage.