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How much do you know about water quality, ammonia and nitrogen?


Mention of the term ammonia nitrogen may be unfamiliar to many people who do not know it. So, why should a water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor detect the ammonia nitrogen in the water? What are the benefits of detecting ammonia nitrogen in water?

Definition: Ammonia nitrogen refers to the compound nitrogen in the form of ammonia or ammonium ions, that is, nitrogen in the form of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ions (NH4+) in water.

Impact: Ammonia nitrogen is a nutrient in water bodies, which can lead to water eutrophication. It is the main oxygen-consuming pollutant in water bodies and is toxic to fish and certain aquatic organisms.

The ammonia nitrogen in the water mainly comes from the initial pollution of the nitrogen-containing organic matter in the domestic sewage. It can be decomposed into nitrite nitrogen by the action of microorganisms, which will continue to decompose, and finally become nitrate nitrogen, completing the water self-purification process. When the nitrite nitrogen in the water is too high, drinking the water will combine with protein to form nitrosamines, which is a strong carcinogen. Long-term drinking is extremely harmful to the body. Fish are more sensitive to ammonia nitrogen in water, and high levels of ammonia nitrogen will cause fish death. Therefore, whether it is a water plant or an aquaculture farm, it is particularly important to test the water quality. Jingxun Changtong has launched a series of Water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor to meet the testing needs of different occasions.

National standard method water quality online analyzer

The water quality monitoring instrument is small in size, high in automation, the instrument has automatic calibration, automatic range switching, lack of liquid alarm, fault alarm and other functions, cleaning waste liquid and measuring waste liquid are separated, greatly reducing waste liquid treatment costs, and multiple measurement modes are available Selection: fixed-point mode, interval mode, periodic mode, external trigger mode and other modes. It is a highly intelligent water quality testing instrument.

Water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor
Water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor
JXSZ-1002 Multifunctional Analyzer Digestion Apparatus

This digestion apparatus has two equipment products, black and white. The black analyzer (JXSZ-1002-FXY) uses advanced cold light source. Narrow-band interference technology and microcomputer to automatically process data, directly display and print the concentration value of the sample.

The device is equipped with a 4.3-inch full-color LCD screen and a flat UI design interface, which allows the detection data to be displayed more intuitively. Prefabricated reagents for testing can be provided, saving users the tedious configuration process, and testing can be done only by adding the water sample to be tested.

The white digestion instrument (JXSZ-1002-XJY) adopts a new intelligent function design. And performs digestion pretreatment in the process of detecting water quality COD, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and other water samples by spectrophotometry. Digestion is the premise and basis of analysis. , For different tested substances under different temperature systems and constant temperature holding time, it can better react with chemical reagents.

The digestion temperature and digestion time of this digestion instrument can be independently set by the operator according to the different requirements of the sample to be tested.

This type of analyzer digester is mostly the first choice for laboratory or small-scale water sampling and testing.

Water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor
Water quality ammonia nitrogen sensor

Of course, whether it is the national standard water quality or the water quality analyzer digester. It can achieve the purpose of detecting the ammonia nitrogen content of the water quality, and it can also detect many other items. Such as water quality cod, turbidity and other parameters can be carried out with these two devices. For testing. If you have other needs, Jingxunchangtong also has other water quality testing instruments and sensors available for purchase. Welcome to consult.

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