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Aquaculture has entered the era of data, everything can be visualized


In the process of aquaculture, various water quality parameters have different meanings and collectively affect the overall income and status of aquaculture.But things like numbers are things created by humans based on their own life experience. They don't exist in nature, and the situation of various solutes in water bodies will not be naturally shown to humans in the form of numbers.The aquaculture monitoring system came into play at this time.

Aquaculture monitoring system
Aquaculture monitoring system
The importance of water quality monitoring

However, the form of human thinking determines that humans are better at receiving and processing digital information. So some equipment that can convert water quality into various parameters has emerged.

In fact, it is not only the situation of the various solutes in the water. But also many information that could not be digitized, now it can be digitized .Such as the living conditions of the fish school, and the reproductive enthusiasm of the fish school…

Because all of these conditions have a certain relationship with other conditions, such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, etc. A water quality monitoring system has been designed. Which can use artificial intelligence and big data technology to monitor these data. Through analysis, we can obtain accurate data on the life status and breeding enthusiasm of the fish school.

These data are intuitive and clear, and do not contain any fictional elements. Even people with no breeding experience can obtain the information to use this information after simple training. ability.

The high-quality water quality sensor equipment has very powerful functions. It can be monitored as long as it is placed in the water. It does not need to use test papers and reagents frequently.

After all, the operation of test papers and reagents is complicated, and it needs professional and technical personnel to complete it in order to avoid unnecessary Errors and fallacies. And the test paper and reagents cannot digitize and visualize the water quality data, and it is not very convenient to observe.

Aquaculture monitoring system makes your work scientific and convenient.

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