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Pay attention to the importance of industrial wastewater monitoring


IOT Water quality monitoring system-It is often heard that industrial waste water is very harmful. So, what are the hazards of industrial waste water? What is wastewater?

Wastewater refers to the general term for water discharged during residents' activities and runoff rainwater.

It includes domestic sewage, industrial waste water, and other unused water such as the inflow of the first rain path into the drainage pipes and canals. Generally, it refers to water that cannot be recycled after a certain technical treatment or the difficulty of purification treatment after primary pollution does not reach a certain standard.

The main hazard of industrial wastewater is the unpleasant smell, which will pollute the air. Toxic and harmful substances will remain in the body through the passive ingestion and absorption of plants, and then reach the human body through the food chain, causing serious harm to the human body.

Industrial wastewater will infiltrate the soil, affecting the growth of plants and causing serious soil pollution.

If industrial waste water directly enters the surface water without treatment and flows into the groundwater, it will seriously cause second-degree water pollution and seriously affect people's lives. The most serious thing is if the untreated sewage is recycled.
Cyanide-containing wastewater mainly comes from electroplating, gas, coking, metallurgy, metal processing, chemical fiber, plastics, pesticides, and chemical industries.

Cyanide-containing wastewater is a highly toxic industrial wastewater. It is unstable in water and easier to decompose. Both inorganic cyanide and organic cyanide are highly toxic substances, and human ingestion can cause acute poisoning.
Therefore, industrial wastewater monitoring is very important.

aquarium water quality sensor
aquarium water quality sensor
Introduction of industrial wastewater monitoring equipment

Jingxunchangtong's multi-parameter water quality online detector is an online water quality inspection instrument independently developed by Jingxunchangtong that integrates multiple monitoring parameters.

The probe with high sensitivity can carry out accurate measurement, strong adaptability, simple maintenance, not afraid of the threat of high temperature and high pressure, long life, strong confidentiality and other characteristics.
It can be widely used in water quality monitoring in many fields such as wastewater, sewage, metallurgy, swimming pool, water plant, hospital sewage, etc. It supports parameter customization and can better meet the needs.

The national standard water quality online analyzer is a water quality online analyzer based on the spectrophotometric method to monitor COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, heavy metals, permanganate, chroma, hardness and other parameters.
With high degree of automation and low reagent consumption.

It can be widely used in water environment automatic monitoring stations, water plants, regional water boundary points, water quality analysis rooms, water quality monitoring of hexavalent chromium content in discharged wastewater and sewage, and environmental monitoring agencies at all levels on the water environment Monitoring.

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