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Electrode for detecting nitrite ion in water
User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 20 2021
Brief introduction of nitrite ion selective electrode:

Water quality sensor detector-The nitrite ion selective electrode composed of a working electrode made of polyvinyl chloride and ion active materials and a built-in reference electrode is a high-precision water quality monitoring instrument developed by our company. The electrode is designed for measuring nitrite ions in aqueous solutions.

It is suitable for the rapid determination of nitrate ion concentration in outdoor and laboratory fields. It has the characteristics of fast, accurate measurement and easy operation.

water quality detection sensor
water quality detection sensor
Precautions for the use of nitrite ion selective electrode:

Water quality sensor detector-In order to ensure the accuracy of the test data and the life of the instrument, the electrode should not be immersed in distilled or deionized water for more than three minutes at a time to avoid leakage. In order to extend the life of the electrode, do not use your hands or sharp The article directly touches the surface of the electrode membrane. Avoid contact with strong acids, strong alkalis, detergents, surfactants or PVC solvents.

Also, be careful not to immerse the electrodes in solutions containing high concentrations of interfering ions for a long time.

Significance of water quality nitrate and nitrite detection:

In recent years, water quality issues have gradually aroused people's attention. Excessive nitrate concentration in drinking water will induce some water bodies to produce some carcinogens of nitrosamines, which makes newborns susceptible to methemoglobinemia.

Nitrite poisoning is due to its interaction with hemoglobin to form methemoglobin. Methemoglobin can inhibit the function of normal hemoglobin to carry and release oxygen, thereby causing tissue hypoxia.

This improves the intensity of nitrate and nitrite detection in drinking water-related water quality detection systems such as the online tap water quality monitoring system.