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Iodine ion sensor in water quality monitoring

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 20 2021

Water quality detection sensor-Iodine is an essential trace element in the human body, but the concentration and content must be maintained at a certain level. If it is too high or too low, there will be related functional, morphological and metabolic barriers. Tnd serious brain damage can also occur. It is very important to strengthen the detection of trace elements in the water, especially the monitoring of iodide ions.

The water iodide ion detector adopts the probe type monitoring method, which is simpler than the traditional ion monitoring method. Fast. The iodide ion probe is composed of an iodide ion glass electrode and a silver silver chloride reference electrode, which has the characteristics of high precision and stable signal.

water quality detection sensor
water quality detection sensor
Iodine ion probe for water monitoring

The water quality ion probe is suitable for most monitoring environments, and the more economical and durable one is the water iodide ion detector. It can be applied to the monitoring of aqueous solutions in environments such as outdoor rivers and lakes, food, chemical fertilizers, tap water, etc.

It has the characteristics of strong signal transmission, high sensitivity, long life, high temperature and high pressure resistance, etc.

It uses RS485 communication mode to monitor iodine ions , Water temperature measurement, upper and lower limit control, etc. With the buzzer can independently set the alarm concentration value. The LCD backlight switch function, the addition of the universal password function, etc. The data confidentiality is strong, and it can meet the different and diversified users need.

Significance of water quality iodide ion monitoring:

In an environment where fresh water resources are scarce, water quality pollution is particularly serious, mainly due to the increase in people's demand for fresh water resources, including the increase in water consumption in areas such as irrigation. And surface runoff from domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater and agricultural pollutants.

If the pollution to the water quality is serious, this requires the water quality environment to be tested to ensure the effective use of water resources. The concentration of iodide ions in water has a greater impact on the human body and the environment. So water quality iodide ions are monitored to ensure water safety.