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The importance of water quality monitoring

What is water quality monitoring?

Water monitoring is the way of gathering information about the condition and quality of rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters. The process measures whether these waters are safe for drinking, fishing or swimming. In short, it is a cost-effective and efficient system designed to monitor water quality using IoT (Internet of Things). The obtained data is transmitted to the cloud through IoT technology.JXCT's water quality monitoring equipment can help people to carry out relevant monitoring.

While there are various ways to monitor the condition of water, water quality monitoring involves sampling the chemical state of the water and measuring components such as salinity, acidity, nutrients, metals and pollutants. Physical conditions such as temperature, sediment and erosion potential of river banks and coasts can also be monitored.

water quality monitoring
water quality monitoring

Who monitors water quality?

Various groups monitor water quality. For example, farmers monitor water quality to build data for on-farm environmental programs, and the civil construction industry monitors water quality and reports on compliance. In contrast, catchment groups assist their regional councils and local landowners in understanding water quality and taking action to ensure healthy waterways.

The importance of water quality monitoring

Monitoring water is critical to obtaining the evidence necessary to make sound decisions to manage current and future water quality. Monitoring water is important to comply with New Zealand legislation, ensure health standards and protect other beneficial uses of water.

Water supply and quality are under increased pressure due to climate change and population growth. Water is a resource that cannot be wasted, and the decline in water quality has become a reality over the years.

water quality monitoring station
water quality monitoring station

JXCT Water Quality Monitoring System

The water quality monitoring system developed by JXCT collects water temperature, pH value, suspended solids, electrical conductivity and other parameters. And transfer the parameter data to the Internet of Things cloud platform. It can realize real-time monitoring of all kinds of equipment data on site. Users can view it in real time through computer web page or mobile app, and can set the upper limit and lower limit of each parameter standard value freely. If the data exceeds the limit, a short message or wechat alarm can be sent to the relevant staff. Realize early warning and avoid unnecessary losses. It can be implemented remotely and can protect the field equipment.

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