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Why Wastewater Monitoring Is So Important

Wastewater monitoring is very important

Why wastewater monitoring is important. Water and water recycling is a booming industry. How do you think the market will develop in the next ten years? The water and water cycle industry mainly includes water treatment, ETP (sewage treatment plant), STP (sewage treatment plant) and water recycling. Economic development combined with fast-paced urbanization, especially in emerging countries, is driving the demand for efficient water resource management solutions.

Moreover, the recovery of the global manufacturing industry is further driving the demand, as rising production in various manufacturing industries along with the growing demand for water conservation and tightening of environmental regulations stimulates the demand for water and water recycling. The replacement of old water supply infrastructure in regions such as North America and Europe is also contributing to the market growth.

A modern urban sewage treatment facility

The global market for water and wastewater reclamation solutions and services (including equipment and chemicals, operational services, construction/infrastructure, design/consulting, and maintenance and monitoring) generated revenue of approximately USD 185 billion in 2014 and is projected to grow at approximately USD 10 billion The compound annual growth rate in percent for the period 2015-2024. Equipment and chemicals is the largest segment of the global water and water recycling solutions and services market. Factors such as population growth, urbanization, improving manufacturing activities, and rising oil and gas production are driving the growth.

Water Quality Monitoring Solution
Water Quality Monitoring Solution

Water Quality Monitoring System

JXCT water quality monitoring system collects parameters such as water temperature, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen and so on. And transfer the parameter data to the Internet of Things cloud platform. Realize the real-time monitoring of all kinds of equipment data on site. Users can view it in real time through computer web page or mobile app, and can set the upper limit and lower limit of each parameter standard value freely. If the data exceeds the limit, a short message or wechat alarm can be sent to the relevant staff. Realize early warning and avoid unnecessary losses. It can be implemented remotely and can protect the field equipment.

Laboratory water quality analyzer
Laboratory water quality analyzer

Laboratory water quality analyzer

Laboratory water quality analyzer (laboratory water quality testing equipment), adopts sealed catalytic digestion, and then uses colorimetric method to measure, advanced cold light source, narrow band interference technology and microcomputer automatic processing data.According to data, directly display and print the concentration value of the sample. The laboratory water quality analyzer can monitor water quality COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, chroma, suspended solids and other more than 50 monitoring items.

Real-time sewage monitoring requires relevant professional equipment

Due to the shortage and decrease of water resources, people's demand for water resources is increasing day by day, and serious environmental problems lead to serious pollution of water resources. Therefore, the discharged wastewater needs to be specially monitored and discharged to ensure our own health and safety. As an equipment manufacturer with many years of experience, JXCT has a professional team, superb technology, and considerate after-sales guidance to give you a better service experience.

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