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Introduction to the best hydrological monitoring systems

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 11 2023

Hydrographic monitoring systems are used to monitor water quality and levels in a variety of situations, including stormwater, surface water, groundwater, rivers and reservoirs.

They are used for many purposes:

*Environmental monitoring of rivers, aquifers, reservoirs and watersheds

*Monitoring of water infrastructure (dams, water treatment plants, etc.)

*Lowering of the water table and wells in the context of subterranean shrinkage below the water table

*Soil remediation
They are often used in conjunction with meteorological and geotechnical sensors.

Hydrological  monitoring  Station
Hydrological monitoring Station
Monitor water quality and water level

The ability to monitor the water cycle is a major challenge for effective water resource management and flood protection. The correct operation of all water infrastructure, especially dams, requires detailed knowledge of the water levels and quality of rivers and reservoirs.

Underground contracting usually involves working below the water table. The ability to correctly size engineered structures requires detailed prior knowledge of water levels and groundwater table operations. Groundwater levels and water quality must be continuously monitored while work is in progress, especially when work involves lowering the groundwater table. This type of monitoring is usually carried out simultaneously with ground motion generated by the monitoring process. The installation of hydrological monitoring system equipment is also essential for contaminated sites that require soil remediation.

Sensor Type Introduction

Surface water levels in rivers and reservoirs are measured using hydrometers (water level measurement) and flow meters (flow measurement).

Rain gauges used to measure rainfall are often installed as part of a complete weather station. To monitor soil water content, piezometers (for water level measurement) and interstitial pressure transducers (for water pressure measurement) are installed at the desired monitoring depth.

Dissolved oxygen sensor
Dissolved oxygen sensor
Introduction to the use of common water quality monitoring equipment:

*Turbidity sensor
*Conductivity and temperature sensor
*pH sensor
*Dissolved oxygen sensor
*Oxidation-reduction potential electrodes

Installing a hydrological monitoring system can give you a better understanding of monitoring water resources, preventing water surges and flooding, maintaining the correct functioning of hydraulic infrastructure, and monitoring subsurface contracting and/or soil remediation projects