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water quality monitoring system using iot

water quality monitoring system using iot

Water quality is critical to biodiversity and life on our planet, so understanding key water indicators and their parameters is key. Water quality is one of the most important indicators of health in an ecosystem. High-quality water sustains life for humans, wildlife and marine life and is a key element in maintaining biodiversity Water pollution is caused by a variety of conditions. Sources of pollution occur at sea due to shipping and fishing activities, sewage and wastewater discharges, agricultural and industrial practices, fuel spills and global warming.

Water pollution can cause major problems for humans and the natural world: when it comes to drinking water, our fisheries and aquaculture industries, marine protected areas (MPAs), wastewater treatment centers, river life and our coastal port communities. Therefore, monitoring water quality is essential to identify potential environmental problems and develop effective preventive strategies and their systematic treatment. The water quality monitoring system using iot independently developed by JXCT can help people better understand the water quality.

Water quality monitoring equipment
Water quality monitoring equipment
What aspects should be paid attention to in water quality monitoring?
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Oxygen in water is essential for humans, plants and animals. However, if the oxygen levels in the water are abnormally high, this can cause major problems in sustaining life. That's why measuring the amount of dissolved oxygen -- the amount of oxygen available to aquatic life -- is important. Dissolved oxygen levels are a key indicator of water quality in streams and lakes. Factors that affect dissolved oxygen levels include sources such as bacterial counts and water temperature.

In the case of fish, analysis shows that all species and sizes of fish can survive if the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is between 9.5 mg/L and 12 mg/L. Below that, fewer fish will survive; below 4.0 mg/L, none of the fish will do.

Ion Sensor
Ion Sensor
Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

Turbidity is a measure of the cleanliness and clarity of water.The measurement of turbidity levels depends on the concentration of total suspended solids (TSS). TSS are particles found in water larger than 2 microns, such as gravel, sand, silt, clay, and algae. When organic matter, such as animals, plants, and algae, decays, it becomes suspended solids. Suspended sediments can also contain significant amounts of pollutants, including phosphorus, pesticides or heavy metals. Lighter solids settle to the bottom of a body of water; if large amounts of solids are present, surface water can become cloudy or less clear.

Biological indicator

Biological indicators are living organisms used to monitor the health of ecosystems, such as the number of microalgae in water. They are organic and natural indicators of environmental pollution—living organisms such as plants, plankton, animals and microorganisms—that provide valuable information for assessing water quality and are important indicators of water pollution.

Several factors can affect biological indicators in the environment, including the amount of light, amount of water, temperature, and suspended solids in the water. Changes in the composition of biomarkers, both positive and negative, are an effective way to measure the environmental impact of human activities on the health of natural ecosystems.


Nitrogen provides essential nutrients for all living organisms.However, high levels of nitrates—often due to the flow of human and animal waste, industrial pollutants, and agricultural activities—can increase algae growth and reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, killing fish and other aquatic life. High nitrate levels are also harmful to humans. Therefore, monitoring nitrate levels is critical for health promotion strategies and protection of marine life.

Optimal nitrate levels vary by species. A maximum concentration of 2 mg NO3-N/l protects most freshwater species and a maximum concentration of 20 mg NO3-N/l for other animals.


The pH value tells how acidic or alkaline a body of water is based on a logarithmic scale (a measure of alkalinity). pH is expressed on a scale of 0 to 14. A low number indicates acidity in the water; a low number indicates acidity in the water. The higher the number for basic water. A score of 7 is neutral.

What causes the pH in water to change? Factors include acid rain, vehicle pollution, agricultural runoff, accident spills, sewer overflows and other pollutants. Significant changes in pH can have devastating effects on water, fish and aquatic life, so it is another key water quality indicator.

water temperature

Water temperature is also an indicator of water quality – all forms of aquatic life depend on specific temperature and water quality conditions for optimal health. Water temperature also affects other parameters of water quality, such as dissolved oxygen and the vulnerability of organisms to parasites, pollution and disease.

The time of year is another factor, with temperatures changing seasonally.

Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System
Water Quality Monitoring System

The cabinet-type water quality online system has the characteristics of high stability, superior repeatability, and multi-function. water quality online system can accurately measure solution parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, heavy metal ions, total phosphorus, and ammonia nitrogen.

Routine testing items: COD|Ammonia Nitrogen|Total Phosphorus|Total Nitrogen|Turbidity
Heavy metal detection items: hexavalent chromium|total chromium
Other test items: Permanganate|Chroma|Hardness

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