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Why pay attention to water level monitoring?


IoT-based water level monitoring automatically detects the liquid level in different sized tanks or storage containers. This is a state-of-the-art system specifically designed to inform the user of the true state of the fluid level. It has been carefully designed to benefit industrialists through IoT technology and increase overall business productivity. IoT-based water level monitoring autonomously detects water levels in real-time and takes appropriate actions based on water levels including overflow, dryness, and water consumption. Deploying an autonomous system to check water levels in real-time can effectively address water-related challenges.

Ultrasonic level gauge
Flood monitoring

Flooding is usually caused by flooding of rivers or lakes. Overcoming the severe effects of flooding has been a challenge for residents. Hence, implementing an IoT-based water level solution can provide effective flood monitoring by detecting rising water levels in real-time. It places the conservation of water resources at the forefront and affects many aspects of the water industry. JXCT IoT solutions consist of sensor devices that are installed in place and alert authorities to disasters before they strike. In addition, it adds an advantage to authorities managing flood-prone areas where it is necessary to keep track of flooding for safety reasons.

The Hydrological monitoring station is suitable for remote monitoring of real-time water and rain conditions of rivers and reservoirs. Through the hydrological monitoring system, the management department can timely grasp the hydrological conditions of rivers, such as precipitation and section so, water to make management decisions in time. Hydrological monitoring station and early warning system plays an important role in timely warning flood disaster and avoiding human and economic losses.

Water tank level monitoring

Sometimes it is difficult to track every drop of water consumed or wasted in real time. In addition, the orientation of the tank prevents the convenience of monitoring the water level. Hence, using IoT-based solutions helps in recording water levels accurately. It consists of sensor devices that automatically detect the water level in any tank. The solution provides managers with actionable insights to make informed and necessary decisions in the event of a storage tank leak or overflow. This is due to the solution's customizable features that set a threshold beyond which an alarm system is triggered and the appropriate authorities are notified.

smart liquid level sensor probe
smart liquid level sensor probe
River water level monitoring

IoT technology provides the ability to monitor the water level of a river or stream with the help of sensors. These devices are installed on suitable surfaces where they detect water levels and collect data for further analysis. These devices use gateway connections to transmit useful information across the interconnected devices of the user, enabling him to make informed decisions. JXCT IoT based water monitoring system is smart enough to provide shareable insights with better visualization and more details, which helps managers to take necessary actions when required.

Types and applications of liquid level gauges

liquid level sensor, liquid level transmitter and water level meter adopt imported silicon wafer diffusion silicon core and stainless steel full seal welding structure design, with good moisture-proof performance and strong medium compatibility, which can be used in many industrial occasions with weak corrosive medium, and can be immersed in water for a long time.

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