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Dissolved oxygen levels: a key measure of aquatic environmental health

User:JXCTUpload time:Jul 12 2022
What is dissolved oxygen?

Dissolved oxygen is oxygen dissolved in water that can be aerated or diffused into the surrounding air. It is also a waste product produced by plants through photosynthesis. To keep fish and other life healthy, they must get the right amount of dissolved oxygen. If the health of the aquatic environment deteriorates, it can lead to lower levels of dissolved oxygen, which can kill fish.

Why is it important to evaluate dissolved oxygen?

Aquatic environmental health is an important part of ensuring that all life forms in water remain healthy. Fish, bacteria, plants and invertebrates all need a healthy aquatic environment to survive and thrive. The best way to protect and care for the aquatic environment is to monitor dissolved oxygen in the water supply.

dissolved oxygen sensor

Within a sewage treatment plant or other industrial applications, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water must be maintained at ideal levels. If ever the dissolved oxygen becomes too low or too high, the aquatic environment will start to deteriorate. If you want to make sure that the dissolved oxygen in your water is at the right level, you should take the necessary steps to understand and select the appropriate dissolved oxygen sensor for your system.

Application of dissolved oxygen

Dissolved oxygen sensors are used in aquaculture, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring departments and other fields. Dissolved oxygen levels in the water must be kept at ideal levels or the water environment will begin to deteriorate. We can choose JXCT dissolved oxygen sensor to measure the dissolved oxygen content in water.

dissolved oxygen sensor
dissolved oxygen sensor
How do you measure dissolved oxygen

The type of sensor you use determines the method used to measure dissolved oxygen, of which there are two. You can measure dissolved oxygen using either the fluorescence method or the polar universal method, both of which give you accurate and precise results. The measurement process with both sensors is fairly simple and can be completed in 1-2 minutes. The best aspect of using one of these sensors is that you don't need much equipment to complete the measurement process.