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What Is Water Level Gauge?

User:JXCTUpload time:Jun 29 2022

Electronic water level measurement gauge is a new type of water level measurement sensor, which is composed of a PCB circuit board, a common electrode, detection electrode, epoxy resin, metal shell, cable, etc.

water quality monitoring
water quality monitoring
Working principle of electronic river water level gauge

JXCT Electronic Water Level Gauge uses a series of electrodes arranged at equal intervals to collect water depth information. The electrodes of the collection circuit show different potentials in different conductivity. According to the potential status, it is judged whether the electrodes are submerged in the water. . Then judge the water depth based on how many electrodes are submerged in the water.

How to install the digital water level gauge

According to the actual situation of the site, the installation methods of the Renke electronic water level gauge can be divided into two types: vertical installation (hoisting) and inclined wall installation.

Vertical installation

According to the actual situation on-site, the sensor segments of different unit specifications can be combined into the required length, and then connected with a U-shaped connector to form an integral sensor.

Tilted installation

Same as the vertical installation method. At this time, the measuring length of the sensor must be converted to the measuring height, so the measuring accuracy will be improved.

Ultrasonic level gauge
Ultrasonic level gauge
water level monitoring system

The ultrasonic level sensor is a distance measuring instrument developed based on the principle of ultrasonic waves. It uses the transmitted sound wave pulse to measure the time at the receiving end to calculate the distance. The ultrasonic level gauge is made of ABS material, is light in weight, does not require maintenance and on-site calibration, and can be used in conjunction with a computer, data collector or other RS485-compliant collection equipment.

Drop-in liquid level gauge-liquid level sensor
Drop-in liquid level gauge-liquid level sensor
smart liquid level sensor probe

Drop-in level gauge, Drop-in liquid level sensor, liquid level transmitter and water level meter adopt imported silicon wafer diffusion silicon core and stainless steel full seal welding structure design, with good moisture-proof performance and strong medium compatibility, which can be used in many industrial occasions with weak corrosive medium, and can be immersed in water for a long time.Rectangular circuit board design can be used for regular wiring and installation of circuit components on the circuit board. The limited space can be effectively used for heat dissipation, and the stability, anti-interference and service life of circuit components can be guaranteed.